Sepco online bill check guide 2024- downalod duplicate copy

You can easily Check your sepco online bill just by entering Sepco reference Number in the input field given below. After entering the reference number, verify it and click on submit button to view your sepco bill online. You can also download sepco duplicate bill copy or take print out sepco bill. 

If you want to estimate sepco bill use sepco bill calculater.


This article is for SEPCO (Sukkur Electric Power Company) consumers, helping them to learn about Sepco online services. How consumers can take benefits from sepco online bill checking facility. They just need reference no or customer ID to check bill. Also they can know how to download or print sepco bill. Some important points to remember and pro tips are shared.

 Also there is step by step guide about how to check sepco reference number or customer ID, where and how to pay sepco bill. Different sections and parts of bills, details of tariff, units consumed and taxes details, bill payment history etc.  Information about sepco mobile apps is given. Various payment methods are explained including online banking, mobile wallets, ATMs, and also there is useful information shared about sepco complaint systems and customer care centers.

What is sepco bill – Sepco online bill explained in simple words:

Sepco bill is a written invoice or monthly statement that is issued by Sukkur electric power company to its consumers each month. Sepco bill distributors (sepco employees) are responsible for delivering this paper sepco bill to the door steps of its consumers.   

check sepco bill online

While sepco online bill or duplicate bill copy is web version of sepco bill. This bill contains  similar information to the sepco original bill. Sepco online bill checking system is a facility introduced by Sukkur Electric power company for the ease of its consumers. Now sepco consumers can use digital portals and view and download sepco sukkur bill from the official website of sepco. 

Why sepco online bill checking facility have importance:

As Sepco provides electricity in sukkur and adjacent areas, it serves lots of people.  So, for its consumers, Knowing about sepco online bill checking facility and others is important. Because it provides ease of access from any device and from any location. 

Sepco bill online check facility is important in case if sepco consumers have not received their physical bill because of any reason. Because it’s a common complaint by consumers about not receiving electricity bills timely and sometimes not even received for the whole month, especially village area’s. Which results in late payment charges and connection disruption.

So sepco bill online checking facility can save consumers from above mentioned problems and enable sepco consumers to take benefits from digital services and they can easily get their duplicate bill from this website. 

Benefits of sepco online bill facility:

Sepco online bill checking facility is peace of mind for its consumers. It enables sepco users to manage their bills digitally. Also helps them to avoid late payment charges and any disruption in services. Also they can keep digital records by easily downloading sepco bill copy. Here are some key benefits of sepco bill online checking service offered by sepco sukkur electric supply company. 

  • Ease of access – 
  • Get duplicate sepco bill from any location 
  • Facility accessible via any device like mobile, pc, tablet 
  • Fewer input requirements – just need a sepco reference number 
  • Option of downloading sepco bill in pdf format 
  • Option of printing sepco bill online 
  • Easily maintenance of sepco digital record 

How to check sepco online bill and download a duplicate sepco bill copy in pdf format:

This is a step by step guide to check sepco online bill with screenshots. I will explain how you can get duplicate sepco bill copy by using any device like computer, PC, Mobile, tablet etc. Also this will cover checking sepco bill via any internet browser by visiting sepco website. I will also explain checking and downloading sepco bill by using sepco mobile app. So, read the full article to get helpful information.  

download sepco bill

Prerequisite to check sepco online bill: 

Before going further to check your sepco bill you need to ensure the following prerequisite. 

  1. An internet enabled device like computer, laptop, mobile, tablet 
  2. An active internet connection 
  3. 10 digit Sepco customer ID or 14 digit Sepco reference Number: 

How to find sepco reference number or sepco customer Id on bill:

As you must have a sepco reference number or customer ID in order to check sepco bill online and download a duplicate copy. Without reference number or customer ID you cannot 

View, download or pay your bill.

 Sepco Reference number and customer ID are located at the top left corner of your paper bill near your name and address written. Below there is a screenshot shared with highlighted sepco reference number and customer ID .

sepco bill reference No.

Check sepco online bill via internet browser: 

Open your preferred internet browser like google chrome, mozilla firefox, opera, safari etc. go to your browser address bar and type and hit enter. Sepco bill checking page will appear before your. 

Just enter your 14 digit sepco reference number or 10 digit sepco customer Id in the text box and mark the radio checkbox accordingly and click on the search button.  Double check your have click or check the right radio input box (i.e reference no or customer ID) and also enter the correct 14 digit reference number or 10 digit customer Id respectively.

your sepco bill for the current month will be shown to you. You can further download it in pdf format or take print out easily. Which I will explain below in this article too. 

Download sepco online bill via sepco mobile app: 

Another Alternative method to check and download sepco online bill is by using sepco android app. This method is also easy and thousands of sukkur electric power company consumers find this app useful and convenient and gave a positive review about this app. 

Just find the “SEPCO LIGHT” android app by the power information technology company in google play store and install it on your mobile. You can also download sepco light apk from the internet and install it on your device. However, installing from the play store is the safe method. 

How to check bill via sepco light app:

check sepco bill with mobile app

After successfully installing the sepco light app, you need to register your account/ create an account on your sepco app. Enter your credentials like name, father name, address, CNIC, sepco reference number and other required information and your account will be created. Then login using your username and password and sepco dashboard will be visible to you. 

From the dashboard you can find options like load management , sms billing service, lodge complaint, track complaint, duplicate bill, billing information, online new connection , bill estimator etc. for getting duplicate sepco bill click on duplicate bill option and for other facilities click on its relevant button.

Print sepco duplicate bill or saving it as pdf:

 For printing sepco bill you need to have a working printer attached to the device. Follow the steps given above to view your sepco bill online, once your bill is visible, click the print button or press Ctrl + P shortcut key if you’re on the computer. 

sepco bill download and print guide

After that a printing dialog will appear before you. If you want to take print, just select your attached printer, select the page layout as portrait and page size as A4 and click on print button. A duplicate copy of sepco bill will be in your hand. 

If you want to download a pdf copy of your sepco bill instead of printing it, you need to repeat the above mentioned steps until the printer option appears. From the dropdown of printer selection, there is an option of save as pdf. Just select the save as pdf option and click on save button to download a copy to your device in pdf format. 

Sepco bill payment – How to pay sepco bill online 

After checking or downloading a sepco bill you need to pay it within the due date to avoid any extra charges. Sukkur Electric Power Company consumers can pay sepco bill via conventional offline methods. like paying by visiting banks, over the counter bill collections points, nadra centers, post offices.

Also consumers can take benefits from online methods available like internet banking, mobile banking apps, mobile wallets apps, ATMs etc. 

SEPCO Electricity Bill Payment Methods

There are many methods available to pay your sepco bill. some of them are given below with short summery. You can choose your prefered method to pay bill.

sepco bill payment
Online BankingPay your SEPCO bill through your bank’s internet banking portal. Check with your bank for specific instructions. All major banks in pakistan like HBL, ABL, UBL, MCB, BAHL, FBL, MEUBL, SBP, JSBL, Soneri, BAFL, Askari, Silkbank, NBP, Habib Metro, Samba Bank, Bank of Khyber etc have option to pay sepco bill online. 
Mobile BankingYou can also Pay your SEPCO bill through your bank’s mobile app. All the banks listed above have their mobile app too and you can easily pay bill using the bank mobile app. 
Mobile WalletsYou can also pay your sepco bill through mobile wallets like Easypaisa, JazzCash, UBL Omni, HBL Konnect and others. Simply open wallets app or dial string code to pay your bill. 
ATMsAnother alternative method to Pay your SEPCO bill is by visiting your nearest ATMs. Insert your debit or credit card in ATM and enter your pin and select electricity bill payment option where sepco is also located. 
Sepco Customer care CentersYou can also Pay your sepco bill by visiting nearest customer care and service centers 
Nadra kiosk centers Nadra kiosk centers are also authorized to collect sepco bill payment. Sepco consumers may also consider this option. 
Post offices Another alternative method to pay your sepco bill is visiting your nearest post offices. You can pay your bill in any GPO. 
sepco bill payment method

Sepco online bill taxes and bill sections details:

Sukkur Electric Power Company bill has many sections which display different information. At the top middle company name is shown. Customer personal information section shows your name, address, customer Id, customer reference No is written, one another section displays nearest sepco customer service center , your sepco division, sub division , feeder etc. 

Another section displays no of units consumed, unit prices and tariff, how the bill is calculated. There is a section about previous bill history and bill payment history. There are QR codes and Bar codes displayed. Billing month and bill due date, details of different taxes, federal , provincial, Fuel price adjustment, quarterly tariff adjustment and many other taxes written , total payable amount is displayed prominently. Also important news and safety tips are also displayed on your sepco bill. 

Sukkur Electric power company area of responsibility  – Sepco Coverage Area: 

Sukkur Electric Power company is responsible for supplying electricity in southern areas of Pakistan. Sepco coverage area include major districts like Sukkur, Ghotki, Khairpur, Kashmore/Kandhkot, and portions of Rahimyar Khan, Jacobabad, Shikarpur, Larkana, Kamber/Shahdadkot, Dadu, Jamshoro, and Naushehro Feroze, extending its reach to Shaheed Benazirabad District as well. Sepco is also responsible for electricity supply in the adjacent area and villages near the above-mentioned cities. 

Sepco unit price rate – latest sepco tariff today:

Sepco unit price for General Category A1 type residential connection , sanctioned load less than 5KW are given below in the table. 

Sepco Tariff Category Uniform Determined with PYA variable chargesRS/ KWHGOP Applicablevariable charges
Protected Up to 50 units sepco lifeline consumers 6.763.95
51- 100 units sepco life line consumers 11.417.74
001 -100 units 13.517.74
101 – 200 units 15.7810.06
Non- Protected 001 -100 units 22.5116.48
101 – 200 units 27.1622.95
201 -300 units 30.027.14
301 – 400 units 33.432.3
401 -500 units 35.2635.24
501 – 600 units 36.5036.66
601 -700 units 37.9037.80
Above 700 units42.9542.72
sepco unit price and tariff rates 2024

For other types of connection like commercial, industrial, agriculture etc read the detailed article on this topic. 

Sepco Help line number and complaint management: 

If sepco consumers have any complaint regarding any issue like bill not received timely, over billing, bill payment conflict etc they can submit complaint via phone, email, or online form, and sepco dedicated staff will investigate and solve the matter within 14 days. 

Secpo Consumer can register complaint online via ccms portal :

Complaint118 (Call) or 8118 (SMS)
sepco complaint

Sepco Customers Care head office phone number and address:

SEPCO consumers can visit head office for any information, query or complaint during general office time. Regional Customer Service address is Center Minara Road Sukkur, while sepco head office phone and fax numbers are as follows. Tel: 071-9310921. Fax: 071-9310917.

About Sepco – history of Sukkur Electric Power Company:

SEPCO (Sukkur Electric Power Company) is a public limited power company of  pakistan. which was established in 26 july, 2010 to supply electricity in Sukkur, Larkana, and Dadu regions, Sepco was previously working under the HESCO and its jurisdiction fall under PEPCO (Pakistan power electric company )but from 2010 its got separated from Hesco and start operating independently with a valid Distribution License issued by NEPRA.(National Electric Power Regulatory authority )


The SEPCO online bill checking service and duplicate bill downloading facility provide significant convenience to sepco consumers in Sukkur and adjacent areas.bill checking, downloading, online bill payment, online complaint, and other bill managment is easily for consumers. So Sepco consumer must be known to these digital facilies available and they should take benefits from these. 

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