SEPCO online bill check 2023 – SEPCO duplicate bill download online

Welcome to, your one-stop solution for effortless Sukkur Electricity Supply Company (SEPCO) bill management. With our user-friendly tool, checking your sepco online bill, obtaining a duplicate bill, or downloading your bill has never been simpler. No more navigating through complex processes; now, you can access your SEPCO bill easily, right here.

Whether you need a duplicate bill or prefer to download your statement, our platform is designed to make the process quick and straightforward. Experience the simplicity of managing your electricity bills with just enter your reference number of sepco to get it.

How to check SEPCO online bill – Get SEPCO duplicate bill by following these steps

If you don’t know how to check SEPCO bill online then we will guide you. It’s very simple, just follow these steps to get your Sukkur electric power company electricity consumer bill.

How to find SEPCO Bill reference number

It is important to have your bill reference number to check your SEPCO bill online or for SEPCO bill pdf download. The reference number is located at the top left corner of your bill just below the Reference NO. SEPCO bill reference number is a 14-digit code which is unique for every bill.

sepco online bill reference number
SEPCO Bill Reference Number

How to calculate SEPCO bill – SEPCO bill Calculator

If you are looking for how to calculate SEPCO bill then you are at right place. We have provided you the necessary data like per unit charges in the table below. You can calculate your SEPCO bill by adding the price of these unit. But remember, unit price increase at some threshold. Like if you cross 100 units, your unit price for next units will be increased automatically.

Price in PKRUnits consumed
3.95 per unitUp to 50
7.74 per unit1 – 100
10.06 per unit101 – 200
12.15 per unit201 – 300
19.55 per unit301 – 700
22.65 per unitAbove 700

Don’t completely rely on manual method. You can use online Calculator for to calculate your bill. We will be adding a SEPCO bill calculator on this website in future.

How to get PITC SEPCO bill online – SEPCO bill pdf download

You can easily check your www SEPCO bills on our website. You just have to enter your SEPCO bill reference number in the given box that we have provided at the top. When you enter the reference number just click on check bill button. Then you will be redirected to a new page where your Sukkur electric bill will be located.

sepco online bill check
Enter your reference number here to get your bill

SEPCO online bill checking video guide :

When you have checked your duplicate sepco bill you will see a print bill button. When you will click on print bill button you can select what you want. Follow this if you want to print or download SEPCO wapda bill online.

Download SEPCO bill PDF

If you want to download SEPCO bill then you can select save as pdf bill. You can select how many pages you want to download you can select it and also size. When you have done click on save button your bill will be downloaded.

sepco bill download pdf
sepco bill print online

If you want to directly print your SEPCO bill then you have to select your printer. When you have selected your printer, click on print bill button now. After that your SEPCO bill will be printed.

SEPCO bill calculator – Get an estimated SEPCO bill

You can easily calculate your SEPCO Wapda bill by this website and can get an estimated amount of your SEPCO bijli bill. For that, you have to open a link below or a button that will be calculated SEPCO bill. When you will open this you will see a box on a new page. You have to enter the number of units to get your bill.

sepco bill calculator

SEPCO online bill payment – How to pay online sukkur electric power company bill

Electricity bill payment in Pakistan has seen a lot of changes over the years, with the introduction of new payment methods making the process of electricity bill payment easier and simpler for consumers. In the past, people in Pakistan had to pay their electricity bills in person at designated offices or banks. Which often involved standing in long queues and waiting for hours for payments.

Online payment is an easiest way to pay SEPCO bill online, even if you are living in rural areas where there nearest SEPCO bill dealer is too far from your home. Do don’t need to visit any shop for your SEPCO bill payment, Just open any of the following apps and pay SEPCO bill online.

How to pay SEPCO bill online – Sukkur electric power company bill online bill payment

If you want to pay your electricity bill then you can several method to pay online. Mean you can make payment online through online banking, Easypaisa and Jazzcash app and Daraz app easily.

I will provide table to pay online and offline bill.

SEPCO Online Payment online iconSEPCO Manual/Offline Payment offline icon
EasypaisaCommercial Banks
JazzCashNADRA Office
DarazEasypaisa Shops
Banks appsJazzcash Shops
Credit/Debit CardsPost Offices Pakistan

How to make online SEPCO complaints – SEPCO online complaints

You can also make complaints online about sepco company or other companies if you are facing any issues. It’s very simple to complain online you can click the link below to complain online.

Complaint Here

About SEPCO – Sukkur electric power company

Sukkur Electricity Supply Company (SEPCO) is a Government of Pakistan electricity supply company in Pakistan responsible for the distribution and supply of electricity in the Sukkur region. The company was established in 1998 and is headquartered in Sukkur, Sindh.

The Sukkur Company is responsible for the distribution and supply of electricity to more than 2.2 million people in the Sukkur region covering 18,000 square kilometers. Including more than 175,000 km of power lines and more than 3,000 transformers.

In the last few years, SEPCO has faced several problems, including power theft, and low recovery rates. Sepco has taken various steps to address these challenges, including the rollout of smart meters, the introduction of a prepaid billing system, and the restructuring of its distribution network.

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